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What is Stomatitis

Stomatitis refers to oral mucosa inflammation caused by infections, trauma, or autoimmune disorders. Aphthae, also known as canker sores, are small painful ulcers in the mouth. They cause discomfort and pain, necessitating effective treatment.

How to treat

Side effects

Potential side effects include local irritation, allergic reactions, and medication interactions. Prompt reporting of adverse effects is crucial.

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Stomatitis types

How to prevent the disease

Maintaining good oral hygiene, avoiding triggers, and managing underlying conditions aid prevention and management. Regular check-ups and consultations are vital for effective treatment and oral health.

Understanding the characteristics, treatment options, benefits, drawbacks, and side effects of stomatitis and aphthae is crucial for effective recovery. Seeking medical guidance and adhering to recommended therapies promote relief, healing, and oral health.


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